The 13th Jury
Juror Akira Ikegami
Akira Ikegami

Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1950. A journalist and also serves as Professor for Meijo University.
After joining NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) in 1973, Mr. Ikegami worked as a reporter and a newscaster. In NHKfs gShukan kodomo nyu-su (News for kids weekly),h where he appeared in the role of father from 1994 to March 2005, After leaving NHK in March 2005, he is currently working as a freelance journalist.
Mr. Ikegami serves concurrently in roles that include special professor at the Institute for Liberal Arts at Tokyo Institute for Technology, visiting lecturer at Rikkyo University, and special professor at Shinshu University. He is a prolific author whose works include gTsutaeru Chikarah (Communication capability),h gIkegami Akira no Yasashii Keizaigaku (Akira Ikegamifs easy economics),h gShiranai to Haji wo Kaku Sekai no Daimondai (Major world problems that are embarrassing not to know about)h and the gSoudattanoka (Now I got to knowc) series.h

Judging the Enikki Festa works on a continuing basis has provided a window on the progress of national development and other kinds of change. A good example is what we have seen in the submissions from Cambodia and Timor-Leste, where civil strife persisted until recently and where economic development has lagged, and from Laos, which has also lagged in economic development. Works done in colored pencil accounted for most or all of the submissions from those nations until recently, but the number of works done in paint has increased greatly in the latest Enikki Festa, and the colors have brightened. We can regard that trend as pictorial evidence of economic progress.

Conversely, refinement has dampened the vitality of the submissions from some nations that formerly produced works that overflowed with energy. That is perhaps another manifestation of economic gains.

The illustrated diaries offer a window on the artistsf homelands in regard to such factors as religion and language, as well as national development. They thus evoke admirably the vast diversity that is Asia.