You can take a look at winning Enikki from 1st festa thought 12th festa, from 24 participating countries and regions.
The 12th Grand Prix winners and their artworks would be posted later.
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map of asia
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image The festa you want to look at from the nine festa. Choose and press the gGoh button. image You can choose Enikki by keyword that kids used in the Enikki. Input a word or words and press the gGoh button. If you choose more than one word, leave spaces between the words.
Example: goceanh
People's Republic of Banglades Kingdom of Bhutan Brunei Darussalam Kingdom of Cambodia People's Republic of China Republic of Indonesia India Republic of Kazakhstan Republic of Korea Lao People's Democratic Republ Malaysia Republic of Maldives Mongolia Republic of the Union of Myanmar Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Islamic Republic of Pakistan Republic of the Philippines Republic of Singapore Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Chinese Taipei Kingdom of Thailand The Democratic republic of Timor-Leste Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Japan