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About the Enikki Festa

Encouraging Asian children to understand each other's cultures and to work together to build a better future through Enikki

Promoting literacy was the inaugural purpose of the enikki event. The United Nations had established International Literacy Year in support of efforts to “enable all the people of the world to read and write.” And the Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee held the first enikki event in conjunction with the UN initiative as the Mitsubishi Impression Gallery—Festival of Asian Children's Art.
The subsequent enikki events have continued to serve the inaugural purpose while also serving the broader purpose of promoting cultural understanding. With the 12th event, this initiative has assumed the additional purpose of promoting the UNESCO program Education for Sustainable Development. The heartwarming works of this unique undertaking have thus begun serving an expanded role in advancing international exchange.

【Main Activities】

Education for Sustainable Development

Lasting viability for life on earth hinges on addressing such global concerns as preserving environmental quality, alleviating poverty, ensuring human rights, establishing and maintaining peace, and promoting sound development. And addressing those concerns effectively hinges on providing individuals with education that motivates and equips them to participate in fostering sustainable development. That is the essence of UNESCO's Education for Sustainable Development program, and the Mitsubishi Asian Children's Enikki Festa resonates with the spirit of that program.

Participating Countries and Regions

Entry into the Festa is open to 24 countries and regions in Asia.