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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
People's Republic of Bangladesh
Name Sheikh Samia Imrana Disha
Age 11
  • On holidays, I get up early, pray, and go out into the garden. The different flowers in the garden look like a museum exhibition. I might be able to discover the rhythm of a beautiful song in the sound of the butterflies and birds flying around. My day begins with reading a story. Beginning the day like that makes me want to do good things all day. So that is a special time.

  • I went to a village with my family during the winter vacation. It was really cold. I started to eat one of the cakes that my mother made for us that morning. My father brought a lot of stuff that he bought at the village market. We enjoyed basking in the sun on that winter morning while making jaggery sugar from the sap of date palms and sewing nakshi kantha embroidered quilts. I'll always remember that day.

  • The Baishakhi festival takes place on the first day of the Baishakhi New Year's celebration in Jessore District, where we live. This year, I rode on the nagardola wheel and took pictures of the festival from different angles and also took selfies. The stalls looked really small from above. The festival had a train ride for kids and decorated swings. Everyone had a good time.

  • I went to Cox's Bazar for summer vacation and visited the Radiant Fish World aquarium. The aquarium seemed like part of the ocean. It had lots of marine life, like fish, octopuses, sharks, conches, oysters, and crabs. I felt something special while watching the marine animals up close and learning about them. This picture shows my memories of the visit.

  • My dream is to become a scientist. I need to go to the laboratory at school to get the right education. Sometimes, I think of it as Einstein's laboratory. I have a partner. Its name is Robot X-1. Other people are doing research in the laboratory, too. I think of myself as a great scientist while I am sitting here and working.