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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Name Phetdavan Phongsavang
Age 12
  • My school life
    I need to get up early every morning to go to school to study. I listen carefully to the teacher's lesson, clean the classroom, do activities with my friends, and eat lunch.

  • My family
    My family is a warm and peaceful family. The other members of my family are my father, mother, big brother, little sister, and little brother. My parents are farmers. My big brother is a college student. My sister, little brother, and I are school children. We have a picture of Kaysone Phomvihan, the first prime minister of Laos. He is someone who the people of Laos respect.

  • My daily routine
    I begin every day with taking a shower, eating breakfast, and going to school. When I am home from school, I help with work, like washing clothes, washing the dishes, watering our plants, and cleaning the house, and then I go to bed.

  • My favorite activities and my friends.
    We enjoy playing lots of different ways at school. They include exercise and games where we use special skills, like shooting marbles, throwing rocks at targets, and playing drop the handkerchief and tag. We choose from all of these activities. We build solidarity, affection, and friendship through play. We are happiest when we are playing.

  • Ethnic apparel, traditional festivals, and nature photos.
    Laos is a nation that has lots of interesting characteristics. Women wear silk skirts, hair bands, and sashes that they wrap over their shoulders and around their chests. My favorite tradition is the procession and the release of lanterns into the air at the Pha That Louang Buddhist stupa in Vientiane. I also like the traditional Lao New Year. It makes me happy as people give alms to monks, pour water on Buddha statues, pat sand, and splash water on each other. Laos has forests, which provide us continuously with fresh air.