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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Name Gong Shien
Age 12
  • morning rainbow 17 January 19
    Today I woke up especially early because there's an event at my school. After the event, I went to Latin dance class. Today I learnt how to spin and dance according to the music. Painting class was the next activity. I painted scenery full of trees. I also had ballet class which was challenging but I still enjoy it. Violin class was my last activity of the day. It's fun to learn about classical music!

  • morning clear sky 5 February 19
    Boom! Boom! I've waited so long for this moment! It's been so long since the festival arrived! It's finally Chinese New Year! It's a day where everyone gets along together with families and receive ang paos and have yummy traditional yee sang, fish and much more! According to tales and legends, there was a lion, that likes to eat children in the midnight. Then people found the weakness of the lion. It was afraid of red colour. The people launched fireworks to scare the lion away and now it's becoming an entertainment for us. Girls and ladies dressed in Chinese traditional clothes called Qi Pao or Cheong Sam and guys dressed in Sam Fu. The emperor in the olden days wore red and watched dragon dance.

  • morning sunny 12 March 19
    Today is family bonding day. Mom, Dad, my brother, Lolly and I went to the town to visit my grandparents. We live in a city named KL while grandpa and grandma live in Perak. I love the food there, especially grandma's great recipes of steamboat. Once we reached there, we went to the park. My brother was playing football while I walked Lolly. Grandpa was cycling with grandma as it was a way for them to stay nearby. I appreciate every moment spending with my family.

  • Afternoon sunny 31 August 19
    Phewww! The sound of airplanes woke me up. It's Merdeka day! "Merdeka" day is our national day, which means we got our independence on that day. Our first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, made the declaration at Merdeka Square. Today marked the 62nd year independent day. We are a multi racial country that formed by three different races. They are Chinese, Malay and Indian. Today I saw all races gathered at Merdeka Square for the celebration. I am happy to be a Malaysian.

  • evening windy 13 September 19
    Today is a unique day. It is mooncake festival! In the evening, my brother, me and my father went out to play lanterns while mum prepared some teas and scrumptious mooncakes. Mother and father tell a story about the legendary day. Briefly, there was a beautiful Chinese girl named Chang Er who was married to a guy named Hou Yi. Hou Yi was an archer that shot down ten Suns. A woman gave Hou Yi eternity pills. Hou Yi gave Chang Er the eternity pills. However, Chang Er was curious so she ate all of the pills and slowly she flew up into the sky to the moon and never returned. We ended our day with happiness and laughter.