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Grand Prix winners

15th edition (2021-2022)
Name Chen Suen Hui
Age 10
  • Dear diary, today I witnessed the most intense fight EVER. It was Percy and Oreo, my two hamsters. They were fighting each other. Well, sort of. Percy made the first move, trying to squash Oreo. Oreo, not being weak, bit back. Then it was all just chaos. Percy and Oreo tried to scratch each other, after unsuccessfully trying to bite each other's opponent. Thankfully, my father and I managed to save the two before there was a "winner." Usually, sweet and friendly Oreo would never think of biting or scratching anyone, let alone his comrades. But that's hamsters for you. They're unpredictable. That's it for now. Farewell until next time!

  • Dear diary, today was a really bad day. Firstly, I had to study in school for around five hours. That was not too bad. Then, I had to quickly eat lunch, and then revise my homework. After that 2 hours of torture, I finally could take a break. But the break only lasted ten short minutes. I only had time to eat a packet of biscuits before I had to finish my leftover homework. Sometimes, I feel that my teacher is too strict and gives too much homework, but we can't complain. Unless we want to be sent to the principal. At least I have my "cheerleaders," Percy and Oreo, to cheer me up. That's it for now, and farewell until next time!

  • Dear diary, today was a bit stressful. I was playing Roblox with my friends, when my mother barged in. I quickly muted myself, bracing for the huge explosion that was about to come from my mother. My mother has always hated games, especially Roblox. She says that games are a waste of time and should not be played often. And honestly, I agree. Usually, I would play after my homework was done. Games are although fun, but drugs. Children would play games every day, and waste their time and effort. They could do anything, but once they have tried again, it will take some willpower to not play and delete it. So, calling the gamers out there, please try to reduce playing games. It will affect your future. That's it for now, and farewell until next time!

  • Dear diary, today was one of the happiest and saddest days in my entire life. I had a zoom meeting with my best friends, Abigail and Amelynn. We had fun together, chatting and playing online games, such as Skribblio. Amelynn was going to the U.S., so this was her farewell before she flew away from us forever. Because of the pandemic, we couldn't meet up. All because of the virus that started everything in the first place. But although she may be far from my friends and I, it doesn't mean she would be far and gone in our hearts. She will always be near in our hearts. This diary should and will be dedicated to Amelynn, one of my best friends forever.

  • Dear diary, today was fun! Since it was a holiday, I was able to spend the whole day at home doing whatever I wanted. And being the music genius I am, I spent most of the afternoon playing the piano and composing music. I have loved music ever since I was 4, and now I have become a mini composer. All just because of listening to music. Piano has always come across as easy to me, as I also learn the violin, which is harder. Other than enjoying classical music, I also enjoy pop songs. A fun fact about me is that whenever I hear a song often enough, I can play it out on the piano. That's it for now, and farewell until next time!