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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Republic of Maldives
Name Ibaa Amir Abdullah
Age 11
  • My friends and I go to prep school every day to study Arabic. On the way, we count the cars and motorcycles that we pass, count the cats that we see, read the signs on the shops that we pass, and talk with each other. The main roads in Male, the capital of the Maldives, have a lot of traffic, so we take a route along smaller streets. One of our mothers walks with us to school. The most difficult subject for me at school is Arabic, and teaching it is difficult for my parents, so I go to prep school.

  • A butterfly laid eggs on a plant on the balcony of our house. The butterfly larvae are sort of big, so my father trimmed the plant. The larvae ate the eggs of a gecko in our house. They became butterflies, so we turned them loose. You can see one flying around the bottom of the plant. Outside, I saw little eggs that a butterfly had laid on a leaf.

  • I go with my father and my little brother to the artificial beach at daybreak and feed rice and beans to the pigeons. Sometimes, I go with my mother and my little sister. My brother and sister love to see the pigeons. Other people also come to feed the pigeons.

  • We get up early in the morning of Eid, the festival that marks the end of the Ramadan fasting, and I go with my mother and grandmother to say Eid prayers. We go to the mosque and see a lot of friends there. Eid is a time when people exchange a lot of presents. After saying Eid prayers, relatives and family members gather at a house. Eid is a special day for Muslims, when family bonds grow stronger.

  • I sometimes go to the beach with my family on Friday or Saturday. I play in the sand and swim and dig holes in the sand with my toy shovel. I play with a ball in the water. The artificial beach is for the people who live in Male. Some people go to the nearby island of Villingili to swim in the ocean there. Learning to swim is important for us, since we live on islands.