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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Name Uilstuguldur Todbilguun
Age 8
  • Bullfight
    I went to Khangai with my parents on summer vacation. I saw yaks and yak-cow hybrids with my own eyes. The fighting between bulls was scary. The bulls start by mooing to intimidate their opponent. Then they toss their heads up and down to position their horns, rub their necks, and stomp the ground with their hooves. Their eyes turn red, and the battle begins. The cows split up into two groups and look scared. They seem to be cheering for the bull from their group: "How will this turn out? We hope that our bull will win."

  • Before the horse race
    Naadam is a traditional Mongolian festival that takes place every year in July. At Naadam, wrestlers compete on strength, horses compete on speed, and archers compete on accuracy. The most interesting event is a race for two-year-old colts. Small children aged five to seven ride the colts in that race. I have drawn the colts as they seem to be neighing for their mothers before the race.

  • Dream garden
    Our dreams are infinitely big. Traveling in outer space and looking for life on other planets. Finding a magician who grants our wishes like in fairy tales. We dream about lots of things. I want to become an inventor. Then, I will build a dream garden for kids. I want to let kids who come to the dream garden travel to the seven wonders of the world, to tropical places, to icy places of the tundra, to deep under the sea, and into space. I also want to let them travel to a golden palace where their dreams come true and where they can really meet characters from stories.

  • The Tsaatan
    The Tsaatan people live in Khuvsgul Taiga, in northern Mongolia. They ride and race reindeer and use the meat and milk of the reindeer for food and the skin of the reindeer for ethnic deel garments and shoes. The Tsaatan live in tents. I have never been to the place where the Tsaatan live, but I would like to make friends with a Tsaatan kid and play together.

  • Clever rabbit
    A young colt that has gotten separated from its herd and is lost runs into a wolf stuck in a sack. The wolf tricks the colt into opening the sack and is about to eat the colt. At that time, a rabbit comes along and says to the wolf, "Wolf, Wolf, did someone as big as you really fit in that sack? Try getting in again, and if you can really get into the bag, you can eat me." That tricked the wolf, who got back inside the sack, whereupon the rabbit and the colt tied the sack shut and saved the colt. I read this story in a book and drew it in a picture.