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Grand Prix winners

15th edition (2021-2022)
Name Anu-Ujin Enkhtur
Age 9
  • My big brother and I drove on a sunny summer day to our herder cousin's home in the countryside. I saw a lot of cows. And magpies flew up as if to welcome us.

  • My brother and I went to the woods to fetch firewood. Lots of flowers were blooming in the forest, and butterflies were flying all about. A squirrel was sitting on a cedar tree and eating a nut. The forest is beautiful.

  • I herded the cows to the river on a hot sunny day to water them. Larks flew in the sky, fish jumped in the river, and waterfowl floated on the water.

  • My sister milked the cows early in the morning. I led a calf out of the barn and helped her. She gets a lot of milk from each cow.

  • The work of processing the milk and making sour cream begins when the milking is done. I learned how to make sour cream. It was difficult at first. Sour cream is delicious when we spread it on bread. I will take some sour cream for my family when I go home. My family will be happy.