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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Name Nyan Wint Aung
Age 10
  • My School Library
    My school is blessed with a wonderful library. It is pleasure to see students studying quietly. I usually go to my school library and read many good books whenever I am free. I get general knowledge about the world and thinking skills to solve problems in studies and in life by reading books. So, a place I like best in my school is my school library.

  • A Game I Enjoy Playing
    The most popular game with the boys in Myanmar is football. It is the game I enjoy playing. Every evening, I play football with my brother (or) friends in my playground. In my opinion, football is the most active and exciting game. Playing football makes me alert and refreshes my mind and stretches my limbs.

  • A Visit To A Paddy Field
    It was a lovely Saturday morning, I visited a paddy field not far from my hometown. Our country, Myanmar, is mainly an agricultural country. Our staple food, rice, is grown in hot, wet regions of the country. Farmers are our benefactor because they produce food, the most important thing in life. So, I regard the farmers and I enjoy a visit to a paddy field very much.

  • Thadingyut-The Light Festival
    It is celebrated on the full moon day of Thadingyut, the seventh month of Myanmar calendar. It is the celebration to welcome the Buddha's descent from heaven with lights. In the full moon day of Thadingyut, my brother and me pay homage to my parents and ask for forgiveness from the wrong-doings. And they tell that they forgive any of our wrong-doings. So, this festival is very meaningful to me.

  • Dome-Yain Dance
    Every year of November (6 to 8), my family go to watch Kayin's Traditional Dome- Yain Dance in Hpa-an. My grandparents explained to me that "Mount Zwekabin is the Landmark of Kayin State and Dome-Yain Dance reflects unity, integrity and hospitality of ethnic Kayin". I enjoy watching Dome-Yain Dance and I want to invite the people all over the world to feel on Dome-Yain Dance.