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Grand Prix winners

15th edition (2021-2022)
Name Binayak Nepali
Age 11
  • Birds are flying in the morning sun near the Himalayas. Residents of a beautiful village at the foot of a mountain are doing cleanup activities on June 5, World Environment Day. They are cleaning up on trails and at chautara rest spots, public water taps, and temples. The trash that they gather goes into trash bins. Some people are watering plants.

  • This is Nepal's greatest festival, Dashain. Lots of birds are flying around in the clean air above the beautiful environment enveloped in greenery. Adults are blessing their children with tika red dots on foreheads and with gifts of barley ears. People are swinging on different sorts of swings. This drawing expresses how important Dashain is to us.

  • Our school is in a lush green environment where birds fly about in the blue sky. The school is a clean, peaceful, and lovely place. It has an impressive garden. The students are using soap, water, and disinfectant. The school has a wall around it and a gate. Two children are playing on a seesaw. Some are eating snacks, and others are playing on swings.

  • I have drawn birds flying under a blue sky, the sun rising above mountaintops, and the green hills. Inside the compound, children are playing badminton, playing on a slide and seesaw, and doing other things. The garden is beautiful. A woman is paying respects at a bust of the great Nepalese poet Bhanubhakta. A parent is standing in the center of the drawing. Beside the trails are gardens.

  • COVID-19 is a problem for people worldwide, including our village. People are using soap and water and disinfectant, too. But some people still get sick and get taken to a health center. The serious cases get taken to a hospital on stretchers and in wheelchairs. The ambulance seen driving on a road is there for the same reason.