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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
Name Manisha Gurudhami
Age 11
  • Everyone in our family helps clean up the area around our house on Saturdays. Some of us clean the water tap, some of us the chautara rest spot beneath a tree, and some of us the toilet. Work is fun when we do it together.

  • My brother and I went to the temple one day. The priest put red tika coloring on our foreheads and gave us blessings. That was the day of the great Dashain festival, and he also put the yellow-green of jamara barley sprouts on our heads.

  • This is my house. My mother has planted cauliflower in the field. She is taking care of the crop. My mother has carried fertilizer and water to the field. My father is plowing the field to prepare it for planting vegetables.

  • The market looks beautiful. We can buy various things that we need at the market. It has stores that sell clothing and stores that sell groceries. A car has hit a scooter and killed the rider.

  • Our society has some problems. People go to local bars to drink, and they get into fights and cause trouble for other people.