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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Republic of Singapore
Name Giovanna Yeo Shi Ern
Age 8
  • My mother and I bake on special occasions. We usually bake vanilla or chocolate cupcakes. I enjoy decorating the cupcakes and snacking on chocolate chips. Once we even tried to bake army themed cupcakes. Recently we baked "ondeh ondeh" cupcakes which were inspired by the Malay snack "ondeh ondeh." We filled them with "sugar Melaka" and grated coconut. They taste awesome!

  • I was given two caterpillars in a plastic container. I learnt that the life cycle of the lime butterfly consists of four stages-egg, larvae, chrysalis and adult. I observed them everyday and fed them lime leaves. After two weeks, they became chrysalises. When I could see the patterns of their wings, I knew they were going to emerge from their chrysalises. I named them "Limey" and "Limecy." After they emerged, they flapped their wings quickly and tried to fly out of the container. My dad released them in the garden downstairs while I took a video.

  • I watched a documentary film, "Our Tiny Super-heroes." The scientists studied green mussels which produce elastic thread and tried to make "hydrogel" which can be used to close internal wounds of patients. They also noticed that the wings of dragonflies can kill bacteria which comes into contact with them. They tried to create an antibacterial coating to be used in hospitals. They studied the crab's shell and tried to make food packaging material which is antibacterial and environmentally friendly.

  • I like to celebrate the Mooncake Festival. I got to carry my fish lantern (with a lit candle) and walk around the Chinese Garden. There are colourful lanterns on display on land and water. Some lanterns are even bigger than me! I enjoy eating pomelos and delicious mooncakes. My favourite mooncakes are those with lotus seed paste and double egg yolks. I also play with sparks and draw figures in the air.

  • I watched the firework display for the National Day Parade at the Marina Bay this year. I was very excited when my parents and I took the MRT to town and walked there. It was very crowded, but everyone was waiting patiently. Many photographers set up their cameras on tripods along the bay to get the best shot. Many used their mobile phones to capture the colourful and impressive firework display.