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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Name Sandes Lakdula Gunawardana
Age 12
  • Perahera (procession)
    I went that day to watch the Dalada Perahera procession of the temple that houses a tooth of the Buddha. That procession is an important festival in my culture. I cherish the memory of the procession.

  • Diya naama (water fun)
    Playing with my friends in the stream is fun. We get ready to go home in the evening after we have played a lot in the stream.

  • My big sister and me
    I went with my family on a memorable trip. My big sister is my best friend.

  • Rain
    Rain is something in my life that is especially enjoyable. In this picture, my friends and I are playing with banana leaves in the rain.

  • Our village has developed gradually. The surroundings, too, have changed. But I treasure young memories of our village when it was peaceful and quiet.