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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Kingdom of Bhutan
Name Alina H. Moktan
Age 12
  • There is a small but beautiful park in my town near the dzong. This park is called "111th Nature Park". It was built to commemorate the 111th National Day held in Samtse town last year (in 2018). This is one of my favourite places to walk and enjoy the nature. The gazebos in the park are very relaxing! The place is adorned with different species of flowers, plants, trees which is very attractive.

  • Every Sunday morning, I walk to Sunday market with my parents. On the way, there is a small, beautifully decorated "Khorlo" (prayer wheel), situated just next to the main Samtse town. I enjoy spinning this khorlo along with my younger sister and friends. According to the Buddhist tradition, spinning such a wheel will have the same meritorious effect as verbally reciting the prayers. This practice is believed to accumulate wisdom and merit (good Karma) and purify negativities (bad Karma).

  • In Bhutan, Tshechu is the most important religious festival. It is a great opportunity to see colourful and exciting performances: the display of our traditional culture. In Samtse, Tsechu is held and observed for three days in autumn season. Many different kinds of mask dances are performed. It concludes with the unfurling of huge Thongdrol (Scroll painting). Thousands of people gather to offer prayers and receive blessings from the Throngdrol. The mere viewing of the Throngdrol is said to cleanse the viewer's sin.

  • On a warm winter evening, I was standing on the roadside, not very far away from my house. I could see below in a grassy field, a group of men were playing a game of "Khuru" (Bhutanese dart). They were jumping, dancing and singing as they hit the targets, while women and children were cheering. It was natural for them to be happy, as the day was "Losar" (the Bhutanese New Year). Further away in the horizon, I could see a beautiful setting sun just above the Indian Plain. It looked like an orange ball floating in a yellow ocean. The scenic beauty was simply breathtaking!

  • Our day in the school starts with prayers in the morning assembly. We stand in a U-shaped pattern facing the national flag. We put our hands together and pray to the god of wisdom. After the announcements, we sing "Druk Tshendhen" (the National Anthem of Bhutan) to close the assembly. We sing Druk Tshenden as a mark of respect to our king, country and people.