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Grand Prix winners

15th edition (2021-2022)
Kingdom of Bhutan
Name Sangay Choezom Sherpa
Age 12
  • In the winter evening, me and my family always make a campfire, play with each other, talk, dance, drink, eat and do many more activities. We spend many evenings like this. We all try to make each other feel free and happy. And I love my family treating each other nicely.

  • We sit in front of our chasham altar on the Losar day. We first wake up early and wash ourselves with the blessed pure rainwater with beautiful flowers. And we drink suja butter tea and eat delicious meals made by our mothers and sisters. After that we talk, dance, sing, enjoy, and feel very blessed by having a great supportive family. We promise each other to protect each other and trust. We promise to not break each other's trust and to keep our loyalty forever.

  • On Sunday morning, I and my family spend time together by going to the chorten stupa and praying, doing garden work, reading, or watering plants and doing many other things. Our grandparents look after us and help us too. Our grandparents always brighten our day with their big happy smiles.

  • We go to the park with all families together. We play, have a picnic together, read books, and do many more things. Our grandparents are always happy seeing us playing happily. Our happiness gives them happiness. We are all free doing whatever we want to do at the park. It is our favourite place to be free and leave all our depression behind.

  • I was in class 4 when this virus first spread. Our school closed. Lockdown happened. Now we finally got to go to school again and meet each other. We couldn't see each other's smiles because of wearing masks for self protection. But still we are trying to make each other happy. Now I am in class 6 and the virus is still spreading.