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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Chinese Taipei
Name Wang Hsing-Fei
Age 8
  • Buddha memorial
    I am nervous. That's because I'll take part in a storytelling contest today. My story is about a doctor who uses traditional Chinese medicine. My grandmother helped me get dressed up like a girl who picks medicinal herbs and carries them in a basket on her back. Someone said that I looked cute. I prayed before the contest that my presentation would go smoothly. The Buddha listened to my prayer, and I won an excellence award in the Chinese-language category. I am grateful to my teacher and to my family. I love you all.

  • Roberson Bookstore
    Our car passed by the fields and parked in front of the farmhouse. I walked up an alley beside the farmhouse and came to a lush, green lawn, where Roberson Bookstore stands. The most beautiful spot in the store is the Rainbow Wall of Books. That wall presents a gentle rainbow formed by arranging books according to the colors of their covers. I ordered a drink, took a copy of The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) in hand, and found a wonderful sofa by a window to sit and read. That was a fantastic reading experience.

  • Yam TV Station
    The most exciting thing this summer was participating in filming the program Yam Star at the Yam TV station. We needed to do three episodes today. That was a challenge, so everyone did their part on time and carefully followed the instructions from Mr. Huang, the director. My favorite character is the daughter-in-law, who appears in the "Always Fair" episode. My aunt dressed me up for that part, and the story is funny, so I think that it will make the viewers laugh. I look forward to watching our three episodes on Yam TV.

  • National Center of Traditional Arts in Luodong
    Entering the National Center of Traditional Arts was like going back in time. The building is of traditional architecture, and it has lots of exhibits of traditional works. My favorite experience at the center was watching Taiwanese opera by Ming Hua Yuan. It was about Tiger Wang, the bride hunter, but I wouldn't want to be his bride. I was at the center a whole day, and I would like to have been there longer.

  • Lin Family Mansion and Garden in Banqiao
    I was fortunate to hear a wonderful explanation today from the tour guide at the Lin Family Mansion and Garden. Ben Yuan Lin created the garden. Ben Yuan Lin is the name of a family, not one person, and is also a trademark. Most impressive of all were the guest rooms in the mansion, which were beautiful. The mansion has white walls on the outside and lots of windows in the shapes of lucky flowers. It showed the wealth of the Lin family and expectations of its future generations.