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Grand Prix winners

15th edition (2021-2022)
Kingdom of Thailand
Name Jesada Thongbanha
Age 12
  • Hello. I am Jesada Thongbanha, from Wat Ban Kluay School. My school is next to a temple. Every morning, I stop by the temple to feed the dogs and cats there and then go to school.

  • When we have free time, my family helps with the Ruamkatanyu Foundation's work in cleaning up cemeteries. We make merit by arranging funerals for people who have died without having anyone to look after them. That makes us feel good.

  • My father's job is to drive doctors to COVID-19 vaccination centers in a van. My mother is an assistant nurse. I am responsible for helping with the housework when my parents are at work. That takes some of the burden off them.

  • On Christmas Day, I entered a Christmas costume contest. And I won first prize. This success is due to support that I have received from people behind the scenes. I need to give thanks to the monk who designed the costume and my teacher, who provided me with recycled materials to make the costume.

  • Every night before I go to bed, I pray to share merit and benevolence with all living creatures, with all those who have passed away, including Preta hungry ghosts and Sambhavesi spirits awaiting rebirth, and with guardian angels. Please all come to receive merit.