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Grand Prix winners

15th edition (2021-2022)
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Name Nguyen Khanh My
Age 11
  • Mid-autumn
    Every Mid-Autumn Festival, my parents take my little sister and me to Hang Ma Street to buy lanterns. The street is bustling with shoppers. Children were looking eagerly at all kinds of lanterns. My sister and I took our time before deciding on a sparkling, bright-star lamp. I look forward to continuing to go buy a lantern every mid-autumn.

  • Quan Ho folk singing
    The Lim Festival takes place every spring. Villagers and tourists from all over the world gather to participate in the festival and listen to Quan Ho singing. My parents take my sister and me to the Lim Festival so we can better understand the traditions of the countryside and listen to the sweet and loving Quan Ho melodies. Those melodies captivate people, making listeners remember them forever.

  • Baby on back
    My sister and I got to go to the highlands to play. The terrain is hilly and mountainous, so people usually walk to get where they need to go. We met a girl about seven years old who carried a baby on her back to school because her parents were busy at work. That girl listened to birds singing and looked at flowers blooming as she walked to school. "I'm used to it," she said, "so I don't get tired at all." Hearing that reminded me that the world is a beautiful place.

  • Leaf hats
    When the summer comes, my sisters and I get go visit our grandparents. In my hometown, people make leaf hats. My grandmother taught us how to make the hats as she made them. We each received a grass hat from her. Wearing the hats protected us from the sun when we did cleanup work outside. I love the leaf hats of my hometown.

  • Teacher
    My teacher has a beautiful ao dai tunic that has embroidered flowers. Every Monday, she wears an ao dai to class. She walks as light as a fairy as she lectures. I won't get to see her in class anymore when I move to the next grade, but I will always remember her beautiful appearance in her ao dai.