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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Name Phan Bao Lam
Age 6
  • My village is beautiful. The forest is golden and the sea silver. The local people are diligent. The fishermen start working every morning before the sun comes up. Besides the people who go fishing, some go to clam shacks, and some go into the parrot forest.

  • The sky becomes gradually brighter, and the fishing boats head out to sea. The fishermen begin to pull in nets that are full of fish. The boats rock because the nets are heavy.

  • When the sun is high, the fishing boats come home. The fish of our village are famous for being big and delicious. The fishermen use nets that have holes of the right size so the little fish slip through and multiply.

  • The fishermen begin to prepare in the evening for their next departure. Their wives bring lamps. That's because the fishermen use the light from the lamps to pull fish out of their nets and to pick garbage out of the sea. That keeps the sea clean and lets the fish grow rapidly. And it lets people enjoy fresh air from over the water.

  • The people in my village enjoy good lives because they care about keeping the ocean clean. We used to have lots of thatched-roof houses along the shore, but we now have rows of tall buildings. People who have moved away are surprised when they come back and see how much the village has changed. I am proud of my village.