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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Name Kakeru Shibata
Age 7
  • July 31
    I went with my family to the Yadagawa river to catch catfish. I lifted a net up through the water where it was splashing, and a big catfish was in the net. I was surprised at how big it was. The long whiskers were cute.

  • October 4
    I practiced ninja skills at Koga Ninja Village. Crossing water with big flat shoes and tossing the shuriken throwing star were the most fun. I was happy when I hit the red bull's-eye with a heavy shuriken that I threw at the shuriken studio.

  • October 20
    I shouted with the lion, "Show some energy!" Then we walked around the neighborhood three times while I slapped two sticks together. It was tiring, but I was happy when I got a lot of sweets.

  • December 1
    I learned calligraphy from my mother. I wrote Yume (the word for "dream"). It was difficult, but I wrote page after page and was happy when I got it right. I hope that my dreams come true.

  • January 1
    I eat special food with my family at New Year's. The shrimp is to live a long life. The rolled fish omelet is to gain more knowledge. The black beans are to remain healthy. The one I like best is the shrimp. I want to live a long time.