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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Republic of Kazakhstan
Name Gabdolla Ainar Kanatkyzy
Age 11
  • March 8, Friday.
    Spring is the season with many holidays. That's why I feel happy. My older brother sent me a present from Almaty. It was a puppy of Bernese Mountain Dog. It came from South Kazakhstan and had to adjust to new climate. It was very smart and understood everything. The puppy was white, red and black. I liked the puppy's clever eyes. I named it Jack. I loved playing with Jack outside. It was very super.

  • March 21, Thursday.
    Today is a special holiday. Nauryz is a New Year celebration of Eastern peoples. In the morning I smell delicious baursaks. Mother cooks the traditional Nauryz Kozhe of seven ingredients: water, salt, meat, rice, kurt, airan and wheat. I always look forward to Nauryz Kozhe. Grandma says if you eat a bowl of Kozhe you will be full for the rest of the year. Grandma put on a national dress and a kimeshek. In the evening we have guests. We sit at a large dastarkhan.

  • June 5, Wednesday.
    I have been going to tennis for 8 years. It is my hobby. When I play tennis I train all my muscles, even the eye muscles. Playing tennis boosts endorphins in a body. Regular training improves immune system and helps me to react to the changes faster. I don't have many awards yet. All I need is time. I feel proud of myself when I remember my first competition where I got the third place and was awarded my first medal.

  • September 11, Wednesday.
    I get up very early, because I have to do many things during the day. At 8:30 I am already in school. My first lesson is Art. I like to create something interesting with my classmates. Last time I worked with my friend Binura. We made a very beautiful model of our dream house. I like working in a team, because together we can achieve more.

  • October 10, Thursday.
    There are many different clubs in our school. This year I joined pottery club. Me and other children made cups on the pottery wheel. Clay makes people relaxed and the pottery wheel enchants. That day I made my first cup. It happened thanks to my teacher Arman Elzhasovich who loves his job.