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Grand Prix winners

15th edition (2021-2022)
Brunei Darussalam
Name Mohd Elfie Darwish Bin Ali Rahiman
Age 9
  • On 7th August 2021, Brunei Darussalam was stunned by the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. From day to day, the daily cases have increased rapidly until today. All schools and learning institutions are closed down, and everyone is encouraged to stay at home except for essential workers. Please stay at home and leave only when necessary to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

  • On 9th August 2021, schools across Brunei Darussalam shifted to online classes since being hit by the violent COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The government has implemented temporary closure of schools, and teachers were required to teach the students virtually so that students can continue their studies from home. Each and every teacher has given their best to making the best of the situation.

  • On Saturday afternoon 9th October 2021, my sister and I were walking around the neighborhood village. My sister's name is Nayra, and she is four years old. Before going out, my mother entrusted me to take care of my sister while we are out. On the way back, it started to rain. We hurried back home for fear of being scolded by my mother.

  • I have a pair of baby rabbits. They are a gift from my grandma during my birthday on December 15, 2020. I call the male rabbit Tokyo and the female rabbit Bun Bun. They are smart and full of energy. I give them carrots, which they love the most. My rabbits are my best friends, and I love them the most.

  • My favourite place has always been my grandmother's house. This is the place I would have to go before and after school. I have always loved my grandmother's house because it made me feel safe and warm. There was a smell of coffee in the air at all times. My grandmother's house was always filled with people. The house was old. I love my grandmother's so much.