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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Brunei Darussalam
Name Elysia Lim Pei Ying
Age 12
  • Every school holiday, my parents will bring me to visit my grandmother who lives in Seria. She is 80 years old now. A caring and hardworking woman. My grandmother has black short curly hair, wrinkles on her forehead and a thick pair of purple spectacles attached on her nose. Her house may be small, but it's beautiful. The house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a huge backyard full of fresh green healthy vegetables. Planting vegetables is her favorite. Every time we visit her, I will help do her house chores first then only will I help her with the gardening. I love my grandmother so much.

  • One starry night, my family and I paid a visit to "Pasar Malam Gadong," also known as the Night Market. Pasar Malam Gadong is one of the popular night markets in Brunei. Ambling inside the bustling market, I see stalls selling fresh products such as vegetables, fruits and others. Besides, there are also stalls that sell clothes, toys, shoes, foods and all sort of goods dirt cheap. When we walk along the rows of food stalls, the aroma of freshly cooked food filled the air. The mouth-watering dishes such as satay, nasi lemak, pulut bakar udang and a dizzying array of local kuih and snacks made my tummy growl. Although we had eaten our dinner, we brought some of them home as our supper. It was a marvelous and ecstatic outing for me.

  • One bright sunny day, my family and I held a "gotong-royong" at our house. The main aim is to clean and beautify the compound of our home. Fresh perfume mingled in the air, light and dewy. Everyone in the backyard is busy with their job. My mum cleans the dirty drain and my dad cuts the lawn of the shockingly tall green grass. My two younger siblings help by picking up trash and sweeping the fallen leaves. I, myself, water my mum's favorite flowers called Peony Flower. We all are happy to work together to dirt-free the backyard. Working together may not save most of our time but it helps preserve our energy too.

  • The day that I have been waiting for is finally here. On the 13th September, I celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with my whole family. Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as "Moon Festival," as it is observed during a bright full moon. To celebrate this festival,, I first have dinner with my whole family. Then we have several tasty and mouth-watering mooncakes with different flavoring. After all the splendid reunion, our family will go outside to appreciate the moon at the park. Along the way, I see children carrying brightly lit lanterns of various forms, shapes and colors. Meanwhile, adults will light lanterns on towers or float lanterns to the sky. Some write riddles on lanterns and have other people try to guess the answers which is called "Lantern Riddle." I see many happy faces are drawn on their faces. It is the best day I have ever had.

  • Last weekend, my family and I participated in Brunei Borneo Run 2019. Brunei Borneo Run 2019 is a regional prestigious event promoting for a good cause and to support the community in Brunei Darussalam. When we arrived at our destination, the fresh breeze air in the early morning made my muscles relax. While my parents register for the run, I saw numerous old men and women, teenagers, adults and children with different number tags pasted on their shirts warming themselves up before the real day begins. After we stretch our body, the sound of the horn blew and we all started to run joyfully. It was so much fun.