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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Kingdom of Cambodia
Name Sun Vandaet
Age 11
  • I went with my family today to Reak Reay Beach. In this picture, I am sitting on a swing, my little sister is eating a cake, our uncle is drinking coffee, and our aunt is barbecuing meat. The weather is really cool. You can see a tall, green mountain and a big tree that is casting a long shadow in the foreground. I love this weather. I hope that our uncle will take us to the beach again.

  • Our parents are working on our farm. Our mother is working in the rice paddy. Our father is carrying grass. Our parents work all day in the hot sun without complaining to send us children to school. They work hard to earn money so that we children can have a comfortable life. I love my parents. I have decided to study harder to repay my parents and express my appreciation.

  • This is a picture of how we in my family use our spare time. Our mother is washing clothes, my little sister and I are gathering trash and leaves in the garden, and our father is chopping firewood. We have a garden at our house and some big trees that make shade. We in our family love and understand each other and are extremely happy. We are a happy family.

  • This is a nighttime picture of the city where I live. The weather is cool. The full moon is beautiful. The tides are big. I often sit on the beach at night and watch the full moon. The weather is good, our house is beside the beach, and I am really happy. Our family has a peaceful, pleasant life, free of friction with other people.

  • This is a picture of our father when he has come home from fishing. He has caught a lot of fish today. He goes fishing at the river every morning and sells fish to help support our family. Our father puts aside some of the fish for us to eat. He often comes home with a big fish that he has caught. Sometimes, he can't catch any fish. Fishing is our father's side job. His main job is farming.