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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
People's Republic of China
Name Yin Yihan
Age 8
  • Monday, The Road That Leads in All Directions
    Go to school, go home, play football, go to prep school . . . . Who says that only adults are busy? Children are busy, too! Like me!

  • Tuesday, Mood Changes
    Last week, I got a lot of stickers. Why am I so unlucky this week?! My mood goes up and down like my sticker book.

  • Wednesday, Leaves in the Forest
    Golden leaves cover the ground in the sunny afternoon of a late-autumn day. This is a lovely time to gather beautiful leaves.

  • Thursday, Classic Car Escaping from Automobile Museum
    The night I went to the car museum with my father, a beautiful vintage car drove into my dream without a driver!

  • Friday, Time
    An inch of gold won't buy the time the shadow's moved an inch.