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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Name Nimesh Ramdhan Pal
Age 12
  • Tarpa dancing
    This is tarpa dancing. The tarpa is a traditional musical instrument of the Warli ethnic group and is made from bamboo leaves glued together. It makes a distinctive sound. Warli people dance to the music of the tarpa.

  • Marriage square
    This is the marriage square. Warli people draw a picture like this on the wall of their house when someone in their family gets married. It includes the images of natural deities, like the sun and the moon. People prepare this picture and pay their respects to the deities represented before conducing the wedding ceremony.

  • Village deity
    People in every Warli village worship their village deity under a big tree. All of the Warli villagers gather to pay their respects to the deity.

  • My daily routine
    Our mother bathes all of us children in the family in the morning. She brings the water from the well. We work in the fields and play with our friends. We take our cattle to the forest to graze.

  • My village
    My village lies between low mountains. We are lucky to live in homes surrounded by nature. Our houses are made of mud, wood, and leaves. We decorate the houses and the plaza with cow dung.