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Grand Prix winners

14th edition (2019-2020)
Republic of Indonesia
Name I Putu Lingga Adi Wahyu
Age 11
  • A duck keeper
    This is the story of a duck keeper who happily cares for his ducks and sometimes plays with them. His ducks are happy because they run around freely. The ducks look for food while the sun is up and go into their cages when the sun goes down.

  • A cowherd
    This is the story of a hard-working cowherd who raises his cattle to be big and healthy. While watching over his herd, he gathers dried wood to use as firewood. He is helping to keep the environment clean, and he is saving money by using the firewood that he gathered for cooking.

  • Kite flying
    The children in my village take their kites out into the rice fields on holidays to fly.
    They bring bebean fish-shaped kites, pecukan leaf-shaped kites, and lots of other kinds of kites. All the kids are happy. Kite flying is still a pastime for the people of Bali.

  • Deer
    This is a picture of two deer looking for food in the forest. We can see that the plants are still beautiful and in their natural state. So we need to be careful to maintain a natural balance and to care for our forests and other natural surroundings.

  • Cooperation
    This is the story of life in a village where the people live in harmony with each other and have a strong sense of togetherness. For example, the people work together to build a balanced relationship with nature by eliminating waste and maintaining a clean and healthful environment. That's what people have done in our village.