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Grand Prix winners

15th edition (2021-2022)
Republic of Indonesia
Name I Putu Bagus Sastra Vedanta Wiyasa
Age 11
  • Me and Barong Bangkung Festival Dancing and Masks at Pemanis Village
    We have a performance group in Pemanis Village, Tabanan, Bali. We love to perform Barong Bangkung. I went home to my village on the weekend, like I do every week. I rode my bicycle to my grandfather's cowshed and talked with my father. My friends gradually gathered from all directions. We discussed our Barong Bakung in the cowshed.

  • We continued our discussion the next day at my house, and more friends also interested in Barong Bakung joined in. In Barong Bakung, two dancers costumed as sows perform a dance accompanied by five players on gamelan bells. We ended up producing a Barong Bakung performance.

  • We even discussed our Barong Bakung team when we met at the pura Hindu temple. We chose the group leader, the treasurer, and the ceremony manager. We each pay our dues. Fortunately, someone requested a performance, so our pool of cash increased.

  • We made our first Barong Bakung masks by drawing faces on halved coconut shells with crayons. My sister performed the dance, but she is only five years old, and the mask was heavy for her. So she ended up sitting down to dance.

  • My friends did their best on the gamelan bells while accompanying my sister in her Barong dance. I hope we can get enough money to buy a good Barong Bakung mask and a better gamelan set.