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Grand Prix winners

15th edition (2021-2022)
Republic of Korea
Name Jiyou Kim
Age 8
  • Today, I went to the campground in Jirisan with Seonwoong's and Dongju's families. We rode the zip line and went through the maze at the outdoor athletic course. Then we played around on the grass. We toasted marshmallows on the fire that we used to grill the meats. Everything was delicious.

  • Today, I had test on the backstroke at the swimming academy. I was nervous at first but did all right once I got started. The teachers applauded loudly when I passed the test. I felt good. I will practice swimming hard so that I can pass the tests for the butterfly and the breaststroke.

  • Today, my family went to Kids' Pool Vila, in Damyang. They have a trampoline and slide there and lots of playthings, like a dollhouse, dolls, and musical instruments. We played in the pool and hung around in the lodge. The time passed quickly as I played, and night came before I knew it, and I went to sleep. That was really a fun day.

  • This afternoon, my uncle came, so we went to a restaurant to eat lamb. We ate lamb, curry, and ramen for the main meal and had juice, snacks, and popcorn for dessert. The restaurant manager gave us two bottles of juice, which made me happy. The lamb was really delicious, and the curry was sweet. The ramen was really spicy, but I was able to eat it. I want to come eat here again.

  • Today, I went for a singing lesson for the first time. The instructor was nice. I sang along with her piano. It was hard but fun. I want to practice hard and be like those who sing well.